Greenwire (PCB fix-up) Workshop

Want to learn how to repair circuit boards?

Did you make a PCB, only to find out that the design is wrong?

Green wires to the rescue! “Green wires,” aka “patch wires,” are the fixups made after-the-fact, completing connections and adding components. It’s the last (and mostly hidden) step in circuit design: schematic, board, green wires. There’s a lot of art to green wiring, but you can learn the fundamentals in a couple of hours, hands-on.

Conveniently enough, I’ll be running a 2 hour, hands-on workshop on green wiring on Saturday, July 10th! The cost is $25, which includes an Arduino clone kit that needs several kinds of fixes. We’ll talk about diagnosing potential problems on a circuit board, then walk through techniques for fixing them on a kit I’m developing. At the end,
you’ll have new tricks for fixing boards, as well as a better understanding of the board design process (and a shield-compatible Arduino clone to play with).

This is a slightly advanced workshop, so you should be comfortable with a couple of things:

* soldering: we’re going to do a fair bit of this (building a kit)
* reading schematics: you should be able to read basic schematics

If you’d like to come, please let me know, so I know how many kits to bring. And, if you pay by PayPal before July 4, it’s only $20:

Register for the green wire workshop! (Workshop has happened, look for a re-run at a future date!)


Green wire workshop (PCB fix-up)


Saturday, July 10th, 1PM


2169 Mission St (at 18th)
SF CA 94110

BART: 16th and Mission


$20 before July 4, $25 thereafter (materials included)

Noisebridge is an open workspace, so the environment may be a bit chaotic.

10% of the money I collect will be donated to Noisebridge, to ensure we continue to have it as an excellent resource.

What we’ll cover:

* The construction of a PCB
* Identifying faults (shorts, opens, and oopsies)
* Basic strategies for dealing with the above
* Hands-on practice fixing each of the above

No one turned away for lack of funds. Drop me an email in advance, and we’ll work something out. I’d love to have you there!

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