Heated Fingerless Gloves FTW

Noisebridge is getting pretty chilly lately.  It’s better than it was, but you still want to bundle up a bit to hack there.  Fingerless gloves are a pretty standard part of my wardrobe six months of the year.  Err, to be totally honest, eight months, here in San Francisco.  Anyway, they’re great: I can type, but my fingers are still insulated.  Unfortunately, Noisebridge is so chilly that insulation isn’t quite enough.  Heck, so is my apartment.
That’s where USB comes in. Yeah, USB-powered, heated fingerless gloves.  Of course they exist!  And they’re pretty awesome.  They are reasonably nice fingerless gloves (see above), with little heating pads velcroed in.  The heating pad goes on the back of your hand, and plugs into the USB cord they come with.
Of course, I had to see exactly what the heating pad was made of, so I did a little bit of minor disassembly.  Looking into it: it’s just a little bit of printed (stamped?) resistive foil, which hooks up to the power and gets hot.  Hunh.  It seems pretty simple.
These things are great, and are keeping my moneymakers nice and warm, without having to heat my whole apartment.  If you’d like a pair, let me know.  I got some extras, and would be happy to sell them for $10/pair.  Happy (and warm) hacking!

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  1. Jens Alfke says:

    My then-girlfriend knit me a pair of those, ages ago, when we lived in a cold house. I’m glad to see they’ve kept up with technological trends. The next advance is wireless power, I predict.

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